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Doctor Omega (Le Docteur Oméga) Doctor Omega, Denis Borel, Mars the Martian Tiziraou

Professor Helvetius

Arnould Galopin.

Instructions  E. Bouard

Doctor Omega travels to mars in his projectile shaped ship the The Cosmos capable of landing on land or under water. And traveling by "repealing space and time and" enabling "it to travel in the aether" 1906 Librairie Mondiale
serialized edit Les Chercheurs d'Inconnu: Aventures Fantastiques d'un Jeune Parisien (Seekers of the Unknown: The Fantastic Adventures of a Young Parisian) Arnould Galopin.

Instructions  Rapeno

The original author changed the ships name from The Cosmos to Excelsior and name of the material it is made of from repulsite to stellite. Rewrote and expanded several chapters and tried to appeal to a younger audience. 12 issue pulp magazine in 1908 and 1909 Tallandier, Paris
Doctor Omega A Classic Tale Of Space and Time "adapted and retold" by Jean-Marc Lofficier and Randy Lofficier. With a foreword by Terrance dicks. It was published with a target style cover and a "collectors edition with the original instructions. And with the following changes."some plot inconsistencies were removed or fixed; some scientific notions were updated or corrected; some racist or inappropriate language was deleted. Further, homages and references to the fictional characters Arsène Lupin, Dr. Caresco, and Madeline were inserted. Additionally, references were added to imply that Doctor Omega was the Doctor". 2003 Black Coat Press
French reprint of the first edition of Doctor Omega Arnould Galopin.

Instructions  E. Bouard

A french reprint of the original novel with some illustrations from it and the serialized version. And Terrance dicks foreword translated into French. And a new foreword by Jean-Marc Lofficier 2009 Riviere Blanche
English reprint of the first edition of Doctor Omega Arnould Galopin.

Instructions  E. Bouard

Unabridged unaltered English translation with the original illustrations 2011 Black Cat Press (released on lulu)
Doctor Omega and the Fantastic Adventure to Mars

(Audio book)

Unabridged 4 disk English audio book calling it "the possible origins of Doctor Who". Narrated by John Guilor who voiced the first doctor in Day of the Doctor 2014 Explore Multimedia 


First edition

Target style cover

Collectors edition

English reprint of the first edition

limited edition cover

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