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Iris Wildthyme, transtemporal adventuress extraordinaire, was a time traveller of many conflicting origins. Most recognisable in her garish clothing, Iris had many incarnations, although the order in which they occured was often shifting. She did have five incarnations that were the most notable. The first, an old, thin woman who was said to resemble Edith Sitwell; the second, in a younger body this time, resembled dame Shirley Bassey; the third resembled Beryl Reid, the fourth resembled Jane Fonda, and the fifth, who didn't have a resemblance to anyone in particular, was perhaps the most well-adventured out of all of her incarnations.


"Edith Sitwell" Iris[]

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"Shirley Bassey" Iris[]

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"Beryl Reid" Iris[]

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"Jane Fonda" Iris[]

Iris once attended the party of Dr. Who, which just so happened to be in the dream of newborn Paul Magrs. At this party, Iris slept with Batman's sidekick Robin. (PROSE: In the Sixties)

"Katy Manning" Iris[]

Adventures with Panda[]

Sometime during their travels, Iris decided to pay her friends, Matthew Corbett, Sooty, Sweep, and Soo a visit. Panda accompanied Iris, and upon their arrival, Panda and Soo went out on a date while Iris, Matthew, Sotty, and Sweep fought evil clouds with gin pistols. (PROSE: It's Raining Gin)

After Panda[]

Shortly after Panda left Iris, she (and her new companion Andy) recieved a postcard from the newly regenerated Thirteenth Doctor. (PROSE: A Lady Doctor?)