Meet the Thirteenth Doctor, also released as Thirteenth Doctor Reveal, is a minisode televised by the BBC in 2017 in anticipation of the revived Doctor Who’s Series 11.


A mysterious figure wandering a sumptuous forest, carrying a key, turns out to be the Thirteenth Doctor as she removes her hood and uses the key to make the TARDIS materialize!




  • The TARDIS Key can be used to make the TARDIS materialize.

Background & InvalidityEdit

Meet the Thirteenth Doctor, broadcast on BBC One, and later released on the Internet under the alternate title of Thirteenth Doctor Reveal, was the medium for the reveal of the identity of the new Doctor actor — in point of fact, Jodie Whittaker. Though directed by the same man as The Woman Who Fell to Earth, namely Jamie Childs, it did not feature music by new composer Segun Akinola; nor did Whittaker wear what would become her signature costume. It is probable that the "plot" (inasmuch as there is one) was suggested by Chris Chibnall.

On the Tardis Data Core, Meet the Thirteenth Doctor is considered invalid for being an "advertisement" for Series 11 — in accordance with the odd, long-standing position of the Data Core that trailers and advertisement cannot be considered canonical even if they present narratives of their own.

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