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Doctor Who - Seasons of War - An unofficial short film


A promotional fan film was released on Youtube.

A second revised edition was later published by CHINBEARD books in 2017. Followed by an ebook only release for those who missed out in 2018

And at a later date a special edition with a different cover was announced and made available on Lulu for a limited time. (the text contained within was identical to the second edition down to still saying that its was the second edition and was published by CHINBEARD book).

Further volumes were planed and announced on the Facebook page but were later canceled with what content was completed for them folded into separate books and novellas, these were delayed partly due to the health of Declan May. The Facebook page was later requested to be taken down. But it was announced that people would get sent ebooks of the releases they had purchased or their money could be refunded and for people to contact them via email regrading what they wanted. Following on from this an email was sent out apologizing for how long getting people there stories was taking with the email including some of the short stories as way of an apology. Whether files of released people order were ever sent out to them is as of February 2020 is unknown.

The publishing of two volumes was said to be being handled separately and continued after this with a volume being handled by CHINBEARD books going as of yet un-produced. And Altrix Books releasing Seasons of War: Gallifrey and announcing the spin off series the The Chronosmith Chronicles (which was divorced from the setting of Gallifrey)


First edition

Slightly expanded 2nd edition


limited edition cover

Seasons of War 1 paperback art by Simon A Brett.jpg
Seasons of War 2 paperback art by Simon A Brett.jpg
Doctor Who Seasons of War limited edition cover paperback art by Raine Szramski.png
Contains a tribute to the late John Hurt, new additional artwork and a foreword by Steven Moffat Same as second edition The only text on it is Declan May printed small and very faintly in grey on the grey spine