The Dalek Supreme Advertises Weetabix is a retroactive title for a minisode broadcast in 1977 to advertises Weetabix cereals. It featured the Fourth Doctor a Dalek Supreme; another Dalek's voice is also and the Time Lords.


The Dalek Supreme broadcasts a message to all Daleks: they must acquire all new boxes of Weetabix, as they contain puzzle-games stealing the Daleks' likenesses as well as, apparently, a secret message from the Time Lords

Cutting away from the Dalek Supreme, the Fourth Doctor's advice to Earthlings to enjoy their Weetabix "while stocks last" is played over the interruption of a human boy's breakfast by nearing cries of "Exterminate!".



  • The Time Lords have placed secret messages inside packs of human cereals. The boxes bear the image of the Doctor.

Background & InvalidityEdit

This short was broadcast in 1977. It featured a Dalek prop from Terry Nation's own collection, the red-domed "Supreme" also seen in Planet of the Daleks, though it is far from certain that this is the same Dalek in-universe. The Supreme was here performed and voiced by legendary Dalek operator John Scott Martin.

On the Tardis Data Core, the short is considered invalid due to its somewhat fourth-wall-breaking nature and to the fact that commercials in general are not considered valid sources.

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