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The Stranger was the first erotic novel in the Black Lace series. It was was written by Portia Da Costa, and it was first published on 6 November 1997. It featured "Paul Bowman" and Claudia Marwood.

The book was not licensed by the BBC, with a character obviously intended to parse as the Eighth Doctor instead being dubbed “the Stranger”, and, later, when he supposedly recovers his true identity, “Doctor Paul Bowman”, so as to avoid any legal issues. However, an official Eighth Doctor Adventure, namely Father Time, later confirmed this book to have happened within the DWU, when a sentence explicitly references the Doctor spending time in England in 1976, and he pauses before saying that he spent time with a "young widow named Claudia".

In terms of its chronological placement, both this novel fits alsmost seamlessly after Mordieu and before Father Time; The Stranger, however, is set in the 1990s, which is contradicted by the Doctor Who novels.

Publisher's summary[]

When young Claudia finds a sexy stranger near her home she discovers that he has lost his memory along with his clothes.

Having turned her back on relationships after the death of her husband, Claudia finds herself scandalising her friends by inviting the stranger into her home and her bed...


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  • Paul Bowman
  • Claudia Marwood


  • Paul gets skittish whenever the word "doctor" was mentioned.
  • Claudia ponders if Paul was an alien.
  • When Paul sees Claudia's Jaguar, he's reminded of Withnail and I.


  • Paul Bowman wore a black velvet Edwardian frock coat, with grey trousers, a black and grey striped brocade waistcoat, a wing collared shirt, and a grey silk cravat. (TV: The TV Movie, et al)
  • Whilst moving the frock coat, she finds a period fob watch in one of the pockets. (TV: The TV Movie, Te Night of the Doctor, COMIC: The Pictures of Josephine Day)
  • Claudia believed that Paul was telepathic. (TV: The TV Movie)
  • Paul doesn't like hospitals, most likely due to his traumatic regeneration from his previous incarnation. (TV: The TV Movie)
  • In PROSE: Father Time, the Eighth Doctor recollects being "in England. Spending some time with a… friend. A young widow named Claudia".

Invaldity & background[]

Due to the story having no legal links to any DWU concepts, this story is currently far out of the scope of the Tardis Data Core. The story only implies that Paul Bowman is the Eighth Doctor, and the story itself is more akin to fanfic as far as the Wiki is concerned. Two licenced Doctor Who stories, Father Time and The Gallifrey Chronicles, actually mention a certain "Claudia" as being a companion of the Eighth Doctor however. Also of note there has been no inclusion debate yet for this story.

Perhaps in a time where the the four little rules are rewritten to accommodate stories retroactively gaining a legal link to Doctor Who, this story might find itself a home on the Tardis Data Core.