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Unbound: Adventures in Time and Space was a charity anthology edited by Jacob Black, Frank Holder, James K. Maddox, Anne-Laure Tuduri, and Niki Haringsma. The cover art was created by Johannes Chazot.


Title Author Doctor Featuring Info
"Cold Comfort" Iain McLaughlin & Claire Bartlett
"Thief of Hearts" Kara Dennison Alternative Eighth Doctor Grace Holloway, Chang Lee Set in a timeline where the Seventh Doctor regenerated into an incarnation resembling Peter Capaldi
"My Best Enemy…" Jacob Black Infinity Doctor The Magistrate A sequel to The Tides of Time and a prequel to The Infinity Doctors
"The Flashy Girl from Lungbarrow" William J. Martin
"Victorious" Janine Rivers
"The Interposition of Gervaise and Emma" Jake J. Johnson
"Le Renard" Anne-Laure Tuduri
"Under Her Watchful Eye" Christopher Swain-Tran
"Inheritance" Owen McBrearty
"To Be Born" Jim Mortimore & Niki Haringsma Flux Doctor Bernice Summerfield Set within the collapsing universe of Blood Heat Director's Cut
"The Wounded Duck" Ewen Campion-Clarke
"Years of War" James Hawkins
"The Planet Collectors" Nathan Mullins
"The Master of Her Fate" Elizabeth A. Allen
"Across the Threshold" William Shaw
"The Nechronopolis" Rachel Redhead
"Doctor Turncoat" Michael O'Brien
"The Crater Gas Element" Richard Gurl
"Everything Was Beautiful…" NataLunaSans
"Stardust in Your Eyes" Charles Whitt
"Virtue" Arthur Lockridge
"Friends Along the Way" Tycho McPhee Letts
"Sense of Self" James Maddox
"Shadow in the Blood" Alec Kopecz
"The Curator, The Journalist, and the Pearly Doctor" Paul Driscoll
"The Hole Truth" John G. Wood
"Things Left Behind" John Peel
"Were You the Coward" Niki Haringsma Doctor (Exile) Faction Paradox A sequel to the Big Finish Unbound audio Exile, which featured Arabella Weir as an alternative Doctor
"S.A.S.E." James Bojaciuk Grandfather Halfling Mrs. McCrimmon An early draft of "Postscript" from Stranger Tales of the City. Illustrated by Sophie Iles.