When Doctors Collide is a minisode created by Jonathan Blum at the Gallifrey One convention in 2003. A multi-Doctor special, it featured Rupert Booth's Regenesis Doctor meeting the Seventh Doctor, portrayed by Jonathan Blum, reprising his role from Time Rift.


Two different incarnations of the Doctor stumble into each other trying to prevent the same catastrophe from destroying part of the city of Los Angeles in 2002. Stopping it would be a small matter for one Doctor, but with one's effort continually thwarting the other's, can they stop the blast in time?



Earth HistoryEdit

  • On February the 18th, 2002, an etheric beam which had been traveling since the inception of the universe almost struck the Earth, though the Doctor managed to reflect it.

Background & InvalidityEdit

When Doctors Colldie was created on a whim by Blum and Booth after they crossed paths at the Gallifrey One convention. It was described by Half-A-Dozen Lemmings Productions, who oversaw its making, as “an instant movie shot at Gallifrey One, to commemorate Jonathan Blum and Rupert Booth of Timebase Productions being on the same continent for once. Written on the plane to LA, shot in an hour and a half, roughcut in an hour!”.

On the Tardis Data Core, When Doctors Collide is considered invalid because, for all that Jonathan Blum is a prominent Doctor Who writer, the minisode itself's production was not overseen or licensed by the BBC.

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